💡Fundamentals — Vue HYD #3

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    Superfast Introduction to Vue 3

    Vue 3 is coming and with it a bunch of new features, improvements and superpowers that Vue 2 lacked. In this talk, I am going to walk through the most notable ones with a bunch of examples.
    Praveen Puglia

    UI Wizard at Voicezen India. Love CSS & Vue.js. Organizer - Vue Hyderabad.

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    Hello GraphQL

    Introduction to GraphQL, showcasing the basics, the setup, paradigm and use cases.
    Sai Nihar

    Working at Pramati Technologies. A code freak, fullstack JS developer, tech enthusiast.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Vuex

    Introduction to Vuex • Importance • State • Getters • Actions • Mutations • Example to tie in all the concepts together
    Vamshi Krishna

    I run a small Startup named CynoHub, which at the moment is what I'm working full time on. In my free time I love to create programming courses, I also maintain a blog ( my point of Vue ) on Medium and occasionally I paint and play guitar.

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