👩‍💻Practicals — Vue HYD #4

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    Taking power back to CSS

    Writing CSS is easy if you learn it. But maintaining it as it scales, is hard. The bigger the project becomes, the more complex your CSS gets. It gets split across different files, we will have redundant class names, and what about responsiveness. In most of the cases, you are not the only one working on that codebase so you are never really on the same page. I haven't listed down all the problems yet, these are just a few. Is there a solution to it? Well, yeah. Let's see how we can take the power back to CSS.
    Aravind Balla

    I work as a JS Engineer at Paperpile. When not writing code 👨🏻‍💻, he is climbing a mountain 🧗‍♂️ or writing ✍️ or recording a podcast 🎙 or drinking coffee ☕️

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    15+ JS Tricks You Probably Didn't Know About

    The title has it all!
    Praveen Puglia

    UI Wizard at Voicezen India. Love CSS & Vue.js. Organizer - Vue Hyderabad.

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    Modern ways of end to end testing with Cypress

    Unit testing is great but there's nothing like an end to end test to give you peace of mind. We'll discover what end to end tests are and how Cypress allows us to write them.
    M-Zubair Ahmed

    Self taught Computer Engineer. Frontend at @CloudmangoH

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