🎄Jingle Bells — Vue HYD #2

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    The Art of Crafting Codemods

    Codemod is a mechanism to make sweeping changes across your code with ease and effectiveness, assisting in large-scale migrations of the code-base. This can be performed through automated tools such as jscodeshift.
    Rajasegar Chandran

    Rajasegar works with Freshworks as a front-end developer. He is passionate about open-source software and currently writes codemods for the Ember community.

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    Introduction to Web Components

    I will be covering the importance of Web Components, and how they are natural evolution of the Web, along with a brief case study of how it helped bootstrap applications in a large enterprise.
    Nagaraj Hubli

    I work at Pramati Technologies as a front end web developer, and spends all my free time studying about Bitcoin.

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    Vuex ORM

    I will be covering VueX ORM plugin. It is a plugin for Vuex to enable Object-Relational Mapping access to the Vuex Store. It helps to deal with nested/relational data on the front-end by decoupling them into separate modules.
    Ayush Akhoury

    Frontend Engineer at FactSet

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